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CBS Pigeon

23-CBS-655 BB C

23-CBS-655 BB C

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Sire:  Son of "Rudi" x "Kambree" breeders Grandparents of 1st Place final race SAMDPR 2016-17.
Grandparentsof 1st e 2nd Average Speed Hoosier Classic 2018.
Grandparents 6th Place Texas Shootout 325 miles.
Full brother of Favoriet.
--------------------Grandparents 6th Place Hoosier Classic 350 miles.

Dam: Dam of 2020-313, 3rd High Pt Bird Lucky 17 race series

Won self:
1st Place Texas Shootout 250 miles. 5 1/2 hours on the wing.

-13th Average Speed

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